Kelly Osbourne's Painful Diet

Extreme diet tips alert! And they're coming our way from Kelly Osbourne's diet team
Tuesday , 15 January 2013
Kelly Osbourne's Painful Diet
No chocs for me!

Yes, it’s January, and just about everyone is on a diet or detox to try to shift those pesky holiday pounds, but there is only so far we at Ahlan! headquarters will go. Kelly Osbourne is fronting morning TV show Daybreak’s Hollywood Diet, which is helping viewers lose weight for the new year. While Kel is definitely an expert at losing the pounds, as exhibited by her current tiny frame, she may want to rethink her diet team’s latest advice. A woman named Andrea Ryder is getting tips from Kelly’s team of experts, and clinical therapist Carla Lundblade told Andrea that she should wear a rubber band around her wrist and snap it every time she has a chocolate craving, or even a negative thought, so that she literally snaps out of it! Maybe we’re a little soft over here, but that seems a lot more painful than a few minutes on the treadmill or some squats! And somehow we doubt Kelly Osbourne lost her extra pounds through wrist pain! Diet and exercise – somehow they’re sounding so much more appealing now.

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