Kelly Osbourne's All Spaced Out!

Find out why Kelly Osbourne has "spent the better part of a day" staring at her wall
Kelly Osbourne's All Spaced Out!
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has been left spaced out by antibiotics she is taking for her bronchitis.

The Fashion Police host has been diagnosed with the lung condition and prescribed medication to treat the illness, however, the drugs have left Kelly feeling odd.

Kelly tweeted, "I swear to god I have spent the better part of a day staring at the wall the antibiotics the DR put me on are so strong!"

Kelly is not enjoying being sick because she can't taste her food and her nose is blocked.

She tweeted: "4 reasons why I hate being sick: 1. I can't smell anything 2. I can't taste anything 3. I have to keep blowing my nose 4. coughing!!!!"

Kelly was diagnosed with bronchitis on 20 May after she woke up feeling really unwell.

It is not the first time she's suffered like this. In 2011, the 28-year-old beauty - who is a relationship with Matthew Mosshart - she had a severe bout of bronchitis and was ordered on bed rest and antibiotics to recover.

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