Kelly Osbourne is "One Proud Auntie"

Her brother Jack and Lisa Stelly welcomed their first baby, and Kelly Osbourne couldn't have been more excited
Wednesday , 25 April 2012
Kelly Osbourne is "One Proud Auntie"
Think Kell will try a new hair colour to celebrate the baby's birth?

Kelly Osbourne is an aunt! Her brother Jack's fiancee Lisa
Stelly gave birth to the couple's first child on Wednesday (24 April) and it
was Kelly who broke the baby news via Twitter. She posted, "I am one proud

Kell didn't confirm the tot's name but we hear that Jack and Lisa plan to call their baby girl

The arrival came a day after Jack's nervous mum Sharon told
Ellen DeGeneres that the baby was late - just like her. "It could be
(born) any second... I've got the kettle on. I've got towels. I've got
everything ready."

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