Kelly Osbourne Cracked Head Open

08 Nov 2011

Celebrity takes a massive fall while ballroom dancing

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne cracked her head open on Saturday (5 November) while teaching a pal to ballroom dance.

The star had been partying with friends at a Miami, Florida nightclub when she was rushed to the hospital after hitting her skull in a mystery incident.

Opening up about her daughter’s injuries during her US show The Talk on Monday (7 November), Sharon Osbourne reveals she flew to the medical centre to be by Kelly’s side as she recuperated from a severe concussion and minor surgery.

Sharon explained, “They all went to a club to see this DJ. And so anyway, she was dancing with somebody that said, ‘Teach me how to ballroom dance’. So she did, and the guy takes her down to a dip and as he dips her down, she hits her head on the amplifier. So it split her head open.” Ouch!

“Anyway they cleaned it up. She thought she was fine, she went back to her hotel room and fainted twice. And then they called the ambulance and she fainted in the ambulance.”

“She went to the Mercy Hospital. And she had stitches in her head and she has a severe concussion so she was awake for two days. She’s fine, she’s just got a very sore head. I flew her back home. And she's in my bed with her doggie. I stayed in the hospital with her for two nights. But thank god she’s fine and we’re all happy.”

Get better soon Kel!