Kelly Osbourne’s Casting Call

What was Madonna thinking?
Monday , 05 September 2011
Kelly Osbourne’s Casting Call
Kelly Osbourne

Call us old fashioned, but what on earth was Madonna thinking when casting the face of her ‘Material Girl’ clothing line? After ditching uber-grumpy Taylor Momsen, who makes most Tourettes sufferers sound tame, Madge chooses ex-addict, ex-bulimic Kelly Osbourne to front her clothing line. Famed for her acid-tongue and rollercoaster personal life, the British model/presenter/singer landed in LA to promote the new Material Girl a/w winter line last week, and before signing autographs for impressionable teens outside, lit up a fag. What a lovely role model. And don’t even get us started on the elephant in the room – Madge, have you seen your gorgeous and smart daughter Lourdes? Duh!

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