Kelly O To Tan-Go

27 Aug 2009

Miss Osbourne ordered to 'look healthy' before her TV dancing debut

KELLY OSBOURNE has been told to get healthy for her debut on U.S. TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS - because producers fear she looks too pale.

The singer and reality TV star admits she has been urged to tan before she tangos with dance partner Louis van Amstel on the season opener, which is set for  21 September.

Kelly says: "They told me I have to get a spray tan bcause I'm the palest girl ever."

And Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has also had to make sure that rocker fiance Luke Worrall is OK with his girl dirty dancing with other guys.

She adds, "I had to tell Luke that all the other dancers are gay, otherwise he's going to be pretty unhappy about me dancing sexy dances with them."