Personal shopper, Kelly Lundberg

Kelly Lundberg's Style Secrets

18 Oct 2010

Personal shopper spills the goss on fashion-know-how

Kelly Lundberg is paving the way for stylish women the Emirate over. The personal stylist has a list of clients as long as her collection of shoes and she's shopping her way and their's to style heaven. Ahlan!Live caught up with the busy shop-til-you-drop stylist to find out her top style secrets, best buys ever bought and who her celebrity crushes are.

Ahlan!Live (AL): What is the most challenging part of being a personal stylist?
Kelly Lundberg (KL):
Constantly wearing high heels! Looking the part is key to my success as a stylist, however, this can prove challenging when I am required to shop every day – marble flooring may look stunning but does not so work well with stilettos.

AL: What are your tips and tricks for dressing different body shapes?
First of all work out what body shape you are, then work out what your ‘style’ personality is. These two elements are crucial to completing the perfect look. Have you ever wondered why your friend who has the same body shape as you, looks great in things you don’t and vice versa? This will be because your personality says different things, nail this and never feel uncomfortable in what you wear again!

AL: Is it difficult dealing with people who have cash to splash or a breeze?
I can safely say I never have any issues spending money – more so when to shop. I mean stop!! Shopping with clients who have a larger budget tend to focus on quality or brands and naturally this comes at a significantly higher price tag. What some may think is a lot to spend shopping does not last long in high-end stores such as Harvey Nicholas and Saks Fifth Avenue.

AL: If people can’t afford a personal stylist but want advice on how to ‘be a better shopper’ what would you recommend?
Research and practice! This doesn’t have to cost a fortune there is a staggering amount of information available for free on the internet. Check out websites such as You Tube and Twitter to be kept up to date with the latest fashion tips. You may be surprised to know that hiring a stylist is not as expensive as you think. I can equate my services fee’s to 3 bad buys from Zara or 1 dodgy designer purchase a year - now tell me who hasn’t made these mistakes?

AL: What is your favourite piece of clothing/accessory in your wardrobe?
Wow – I have so many pieces that I love! My most recent addition is a divine Chanel Bag, I chose the baguette opposed to the ‘classic’ as it suited my ‘style personality’ I can wear it over the shoulder or as a clutch (personally my favourite way) which means way more CPW (cost per wear).

AL: What has been your favourite purchase for someone else and why?
Way too hard to narrow down just one purchase, over the years I have bought so much! I do however, love the feeling when I am shopping with a client who purchases their first pair of designer ‘choos’, every woman can remember this moment and to share the experience over and over again is certainly a highlight.

AL: What is it about Dubai’s fashion scene that you love most?
I never feel over dressed, haha which can often be the way in the UK when I am back shopping there!

AL: If you weren’t a personal stylist what would you be?
Owning my own boutique…perhaps though I can still do this?!

AL: If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?
There are a number of celebs that could use a little divine magic! The likes of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears who regularly feature on the worst dressed list could certainly change that with my expertise. I would also love to work with Tilda Swinton, she never seems to get the right colour or shape to suit her pale skin.

AL: Which celebrities’ style do you love the most and why?
Without a doubt Victoria Beckham, she always looks so stylish. I would love to know the secret of wearing high heel shoes and having 3 boys!