Keira Knightley's Wedding Gown Confession

Keira Knightley has joked that she may draw inspiration from her new movie Anna Karenina in her hunt for a wedding dress
Keira Knightley's Wedding Gown Confession
Picture Keira Knightley in big white dress and diamonds

Keira Knightley has joked she will wear a “big white dress” and “diamonds” for her wedding.

The actress recently announced her engagement to musician James Righton. Although it is not yet known when they are planning to marry, Keira has already been thinking about gowns for the big day.

The star is currently promoting the new movie Anna Karenina, in which she plays the title role and wears a series of stunning dresses. She claims that she may draw inspiration from an impressive white gown Anna wears for an opera scene in the period drama.

“Corset, diamonds, big white dress, perfect!” Keira laughed during an interview with UK TV show Daybreak.

Keira worked closely with costume designer Jacqueline Duran on the movie. The 27-year-old is in awe of the outfits she created for Anna Karenina, revealing they helped her embrace the iconic character.

“They are so beautiful, it’s the wonderful costume designer Jacqueline Duran, who I have worked with twice before on Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. She is just a complete dream of a woman and so amazing,” she gushed. “I was very lucky to be in some glamorous dresses.”

Although Keira looks elegant in the movie, she struggled with one particular scene. The sequence required the star to dance, which caused her a lot of problems. “I found out that I’m not a very good dancer…” Keira laughed.

However, her co-star Jude Law was quick to show his support for Keira’s moves. “Come on, you looked so graceful and incredibly stylish,” he interjected.

“Well, we spent about a month trying to work on it so I am glad! I did find that [co-star] Aaron Taylor-Johnson however is a completely brilliant dancer and upstages absolutely everyone, which I was annoyed about,” Keira quipped.

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