Keira Knightley's Music Fail Revealed

Even her professional musician fiance James Righton couldn't teach Keira Knightley to play the guitar
Keira Knightley's Music Fail Revealed
Keira Knightleyadmits she can't sing or dance and adds that she's good enough to fake both!

Keira Knightley has joked she's glad her fiancé's failure to teach her guitar didn't end in them breaking up. The British actress is playing the title role in drama Anna Karenina, and is starring as Greta in the upcoming film Can a Song Save Your Life?

Keira admits that she always falls short when she's performing in a dance or singing capacity - despite her fiancé James Righton being a professional musician.

"I'm good enough to fake playing guitar. I'm not necessarily good enough to actually play the guitar. I've found something really interesting, I don't really like singing," she laughed in an interview with the BBC. "It's not really one of my strong points. Dancing as well, I dance a lot in Anna Karenina and that's really not a strong point either. But I'm good enough to fake both of them so that's fine.

"It is quite lucky to live with a musician who you suddenly go to, 'Well teach me it then.' He failed," she continued to tease. "But we didn't break up so that's a good thing!"

Keira is starring opposite Jude Law in the hotly-anticipated Anna Karenina.