Keira Knightley Becomes The Sugar Plum Fairy

Keira Knightley cast in Disney's The Nutcracker
BySurena ChandeWednesday , 17 August 2016
Keira Knightley Becomes The Sugar Plum Fairy
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Meet... The Sugar Plum Fairy!

Disney’s super-exciting, upcoming movie The Nutcracker has now welcomed Keira Knightley to its cast, who will be playing the magical Sugar Plum Fairy!

The classic Christmas favourite is being brought to life in a live-action film, which was based on the Tchaikovsky ballet and the story by E T A Hoffman. In the tale, a Nutcracker doll comes to life on Christmas Eve and a young girl, called Clara, is introduced to a world of living toys.

Having always been a fan of ballet, Keira Knightley says, “I adore the ballet, especially Swan Lake. I try to see as many ballets as I can but it’s not something I thought of doing myself. You have to start at it very young so I missed out and acting was always my thing, but I do love it.”

Other actors cast in the film include Morgan Freeman and Twilight actress Mackenzie Foy, plus ballet sensation Misty Copeland.

We can’t wait to see this one! 

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