Keanu Denies Photographer Assault

29 Oct 2008

Actor stands accused of hitting paparazzi with his car

Speed star KEANU REEVES appeared in court in California on Tuesday  to deny hitting a paparazzo with his car during a chase in March 2007.

Keanu is being sued by photographer Alison Silva, who claims the star rolled his Porsche so it prodded him as he tried to escape being snapped.

Silva alleges he was left with debilitating injuries to his wrist, which has affected his ability to work. He is seeking compensation to cover medical costs and damages.

But Reeves, 44, told the court he didn't hit Silva, insisting the snapper stumbled as he backed away from the car.

When Silva's lawyer asked him how he tried to avoid hitting Silva, and encourage him to move, Reeves replied, "He was in front of a starting car. It's common sense to me."

The actor then explained how, after the accident, he went back into the house he had been visiting, asked the hosts to call 911 and then returned to the scene to offer Silva some water, which he refused.

He also claimed he heard Silva tell a man who asked him what had happened, "I am a paparazzo. He is a movie star. It was an accident."

The case continues.