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30 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

We take a step-by-step look at the T'Town fave

WHAT: Painless and permanent laser hair removal

WHERE: Kaya Skin Clinic, Jumeirah, Dubai, 04 357 6620, www.kayaskinclinic.me

PRICE: From Dhs780 per session depending on the area

HOW LONG: 10-15 minutes per session

THE TREATMENT: Laser hair removal works by killing the root of your hair follicles with laser heat without damaging your skin. The type of laser at Kaya Skin Clinic is special because it's pain free and uses modern ‘in-motion’ technology that allows your skin to remain cool as low laser heat is applied.

Five to six sessions are required, four to six weeks apart, as each session penetrates the skin at a different depth. The laser can be done all over your body and is suitable for all skin and hair types, although dark hair is preferable. A big celebrity fan of laser hair removal is Kim Kardashian, who even endorses a DIY machine!

Intrigued? Read on to find out how the treatment progresses session by session.


Session One

The treatment started with a thorough consultation from a specialist who assessed my hair type and answered my many questions. Once in the treatment room, the beautician drew a line around the target area with a special pencil and applied a thick cold gel to the area. We both put on protective glasses and she then used the laser machine to rub gently against the target area, and it beeped as the laser flashed. After the session was complete she rubbed ice on my skin to cool it down and applied an after-care cream.

Before the treatment I was nervous as I’d heard horror stories of painful procedures but it was surprisingly painless – as promised! I felt a very slight sting in more sensitive areas but I was impressed that I endured no discomfort at all. The application of the cold gel was the worst bit!

After the first session, I didn’t notice anything until about two weeks in when the hair coverage on the lasered area reduced by about a fifth.

Session Two

Five weeks after my first session I went back for my second. The beautician assessed the progress and after discussing with the doctor, told me she was increasing the strength of the laser by two. With each session, the laser will penetrate deeper into the skin, as the hair grows at different depths, and so each session goes deeper and deeper, supposedly getting more painful but again I was surprised at the lack of pain. There was a slight sting this time, but there was no need for any numbing cream.

After about two weeks I saw a noticeable difference in hair loss, with obvious patches of smooth skin where nothing grew back! I can't wait for the next session...

Session Three

After five weeks I returned and again the beautician didn't use numbing cream. There was a noticeable difference in the feeling this time in different areas: some were slightly ticklish and in others there was a short sharp pricking sensation. Both were still bearable, however.

As for the result, in the areas where I experience slight pain, the hair has stayed away, but in the areas where I felt no pain at all, it has grown back. The reason for this is apparently because of the level at which the laser penetrates the skin, and the depth of your hair roots differ across the circumference of your skin.

I am looking forward to the next session as after it worked so well for the first few sessions, although the hair has thinned out all over, it is increasingly patchy. But I have confidence that the beautician will fix this over the final two sessions.

Stay tuned for updates!

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