Katy's Knife Rap

22 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Singer slammed for posing with weapon

KATY PERRY has been blasted for posing with a knife for a promotional picture intended for her album artwork.

The I Kissed A Girl held a blade up to her face in a publicity shot for her

2008 release One For The Boys.

Although the snap didn't make the final cut for her LP sleeve, it has enraged anti-violence protesters in Britain, as London is experiencing a record number of knife-related attacks.

Richard Taylor, who has campaigned against knife crime since his ten-year-old son was stabbed to death in the capital in 2000, says, "This woman's behaviour is unacceptable. She must be out of her mind to pose for a picture like this.

"There is nothing glamorous about knives - they wreck families. Any youngsters seeing her will think it is OK to carry a blade."

The picture was apparently intended to portray Perry as "edgy", according to sources on the shoot: "The knife picture was done to give Katy more of a sexy, harder edge. But in the end it wasn't picked as a main shot for her album or website."