Katy Price’s Baby Birth Drama

Model names her new daughter Bunny
ByJack Hardwick Tuesday , 16 September 2014
Katy Price’s Baby Birth Drama
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Katie Price has named her baby girl Bunny

British model Katie Price has gone through a tough time lately as the birth of her baby daughter came with a big shock, when the new born couldn't breathe post-delivery.

Katie gave birth to tiny Bunny last month in London, who weighed just 2.7kg and immediately needed specialist medical care, after she changed colour due to lack of oxygen. Due to medical concerns Katie's new girl was forced to stay in hospital for three weeks before she could go home to join her four siblings.

Bunny was Katie's fifth child and she shows no sign of slowing down, admitting she plans to freeze her eggs in order to have more children in the future. The 36 year old has said she hopes to have at least another two children before her mid 40's after which she plans to freeze her eggs, enabling her to have more children later in life.

The TV personality also claims the birth of Bunny has brought her and her husband Kieran closer together after his admitted to cheating on the star with multiple women including her best friend.
In a dramatic change of heart Katie now hopes to renew her wedding vows with the builder, but only after he takes another lie detector test... Who said romance was dead?!

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