Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show Fails to Ignite

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show Fails to Ignite

02 Feb 2015
By Ahlanlive.com

The Super Bowl stole this show!

After all the anticipation created Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show didn't exactly live up to the hype, but was still pretty fantastic.

We'd predicted, like millions of other people, that she'd be using the spotlight to diss Taylor Swift, but while she didn't attack T-Swizzle, she did put on a show that was without any surprises.

Special guest Lenny Kravitz joined her on stage, as did top secret guest (who we all knew was coming) Missy Elliot. All in all, the show, which included hits, Firework, Roar and Dark Horse, was pretty good, but the Patriots and Tom Brady were the most entertaining thing about the evening.

While Katy, who wore a flaming dress during the gig, and her mates entertained the world at halftime, defiant hip-hop star MIA has risked incurring the wrath of the National Football League bosses by posting a photo of her flipping her middle finger while wishing fans a "Happy super bowl Sunday!"

The Paper Planes hitmaker has settled her legal dispute with American football officials after they demanded she hand over $16 million (£9.4 million) for her finger salute during Madonna's half-time show at the 2012 Super Bowl.

But it appears she's still sore about the spat, taking to Instagram on Sunday to post a sneering gesture as football fans gear up for Katy Perry's half-time performance at this year's (15) big game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

NFL officials accused the hip-hop star of a breach of contract after her half-time show appearance, claiming she tarnished the organisation's goodwill and reputation with her rude gesture. The provocative star hit back at the allegations in arbitration papers, insisting painting the NFL as a "wholesome" group is laughable. The two parties reached a settlement in August.