Katy Perry Takes A Dig At Russell Brand

14 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Here's what happened when Katy Perry tried imitating Russell Brand's accent on Saturday Night Live

While Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s marriage is said to be on the rocks, it didn’t stop the California Gurls singer poking fun at her stand-up comedian husband.

In a trailer to promote her first ever stint as guest host on Saturday Night Live, Katy tried but failed to impersonate his inimitable accent and style.

When her co-host Kenan Thompson asked if Russell had given her any tips for the show, Katy put on a mockney accent, and while gesticulating wildly said, “Actually he said talk like this, and look like this and be a bit cheeky.”

Being the first woman in history to have five #1 singles on the same album and now hosting SNL Katy’s career couldn’t be doing any better. Let’s just hope Russell see’s the funny side of her skit!