Katy Perry Names a Perfume after Taylor Swift?!

The 'Roar' singer releases a new perfume called 'Mad Love' which is a lyric from 'Bad Blood'
ByMegan Chotrani Wednesday , 22 June 2016
Katy Perry Names a Perfume after Taylor Swift?!
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Kary Perry and Taylor Swift

Hold on to your seats ladies, because Katy Perry may have just restarted the Taylor-Katy battle.

 Everyone knows that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have a deadly history that is well documented. The infamous shade-throwing started in 2014, when Taylor stated her single ‘Bad Blood’ was about a female artist and a ‘straight-up enemy’.  Taylor went on to say that the fight was not about a boy, but rather because this female artist tried ‘sabotage a whole arena tour’ by hiring some of Swift’s staff away from her. It was then speculated that this female artist was Katy Perry as some of Taylor Swift’s dancers were hired for Katy Perry’s tour.

 Katy then tweeted out the shadiest shade we’ve ever seen in our lives: “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing”. For those of you who haven’t watched Mean Girls, Regina George is a character known for being mean and deceiving.

 Katy Perry had turned things upside down again by naming her new perfume after a lyric from Swift’s single ‘Bad Blood’. The lyric goes: “Cause baby, now we've got bad blood. You know it used to be mad love so take a look what you've done…”

Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes, but Katy definitely isn’t trying to heal the wounds between Taylor and her.

It may be coincidence, since Katy’s previous perfume was called ‘Mad Potion’, and that this new perfume is a continuation of that perfume. However, out of every word she could possibly choose to follow ‘Mad’ she chose ‘Love’, which is a very well-known lyric.

The subtle shade continues… What will happen next?

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