Katy Perry

Katy Perry Mobbed by Fans in Philadelphia

09 Aug 2014

Chart topping singer underestimates devotion of her followers

Katy Perry had to be rescued by security personnel after she had announced a meet and greet onstage, following her show in Philadelphia. During her show at the Wells Fargo Centre, Katy announced that she would greet her fans from the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, the very same steps Rocky used for his victorious training in the famous movie hit.

With the 29-year-old singer being a massive fan magnet, hundreds of people showed up to get a glimpse. Katy, the sweet celeb she is, kept her word and showed up in one of her famous onesies. The crowd got a little overexcited and swamped the artist, who had to be pulled away by security guards and rushed into a car for safety reasons.

No worries, nothing happened to our beloved Katy, she is all safe and sound. Taking the incident light-heartedly, she later even tweeted about having at least kept her promise.