Katy Perry Gets Catty with her Lyrics

Watch out, Russell Brand, we know a song about you...
Tuesday , 21 February 2012
Katy Perry Gets Catty with her Lyrics
Katy Perry

A break-up can do funny things to a girl. New hair is totally understandable – yes, even if it’s blue. And an oddly-named back-up dancer is forgivable – if toy boy Casper’s good enough for J-Lo, how could we not allow Katy Perry the super-ripped Malik le Nost that she is rumoured to be getting close to? But changing your song lyrics to reflect your break-up? That smacks of school girl immaturity.

The singer, whose marriage to Russell Brand collapsed in December 2011 after just 14 months, took to the stage this month to sing her new track Part of Me. According to reports, the song, written in 2010, originally included the line “You can keep the dog, I never liked him anyway”, but catty Katy mashed up the lyrics during her recent performance and instead sang, “You can keep the diamond ring, it don’t mean nothing anyway.” Sounds like sour grapes to us.

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