Katy On Her Own!

Katy Perry is there for her husband Russell Brand
Monday , 25 July 2011
Katy On Her Own!
Katy Perry

When Katy Perry stepped out on her own at The Smurfs premiere last week, people questioned the whereabouts of her husband Russell Brand.

Rumours have been rife that the couple have been suffering marriage difficulties, but my source insists the pair are giving it one last try.

My source says, “They have just purchased a new home and want to try for children. They spend a lot of time apart, which can work either way. They want more time together to see if it can work out.”

According to my source, Russell has taken the loss of his close friend Amy Winehouse very badly, his dad regularly hung out with Amy in Camden and Katy has been supporting him.

The source adds, “Russell is very upset about Amy, Katy understands and is there for him.”