Katie Price

Katie Price in Hospital Rush to Save Baby!

11 Aug 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Pregnant Katie Price is fearing for her unborn baby after she was rushed to hospital while on holiday

Katie Price feared for her unborn baby after she was reportedly rushed to a European hospital last night (10 August).

The former glamour model and husband Kieran Hayler saw their holiday turn into a "horror film" as they were driven to a public hospital after the star's amniotic sac - a bag of fluid in the womb - had torn and risked becoming infected.

An insider told The Sun on Sunday: "When they got there it was like something from a horror film. All Katie could see were big wide, white corridors and harsh strip lighting. It looked deserted. Eventually, some medics in green gowns and masks appeared. Katie was distressed and bleary eyed and shouting anything to communicate with them."

The baby was not thought to be due for another 10 weeks, but she was told it could be born "within a week" - and doctors are doing all they can to "prevent infection" and protect the baby.

The source said: "Katie is now hooked up to drips and heart monitors in a country where she doesn't speak the language and doesn't know anyone.

"She was told she had no choice but to stay, or risk the child's life. Of course she stayed. The doctors are doing everything they can and the baby should be OK providing they can keep Katie stable, prevent infection and delay the labour.

"They have also told her she will give birth within a week. But of course she is worried - everyone is."