Katie Price Goes OTT with Princess

02 Feb 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Three-year-old with false eyelashes and straight hair

Princess, 3, was at the centre of a heated debate sparked by Katie Price aka Jordan when she stepped out with straight hair. Her dad Peter Andre fuelled a verbal fight with Katie suggesting she was a reckless mother for straightening her daughter’s hair.

“There was a photo in the papers of Princess and her mum, and my daughter had clearly had her hair straightened,” Peter told in his magazine column. “In my opinion, a three-year-old child shouldn't have her lovely hair straightened. If she wants to do it when she's older that's fine. I'd prefer it if her lovely curls were left natural."

But it’s not the first time Katie has dolled up her daughter. Jordan constantly posts pictures of Princess dressed up with lip gloss, false eyelashes and her nails painted.