Katie Price’s Search For Mini-Me

Check out her latest reality television car crash
Wednesday , 26 October 2011
Katie Price’s Search For Mini-Me
Katie Price

Katie Price aka Jordan’s latest car crash television show is more unimaginably boring than most people could even imagine. The concept of the poorly-produced show is that Katie will pick the ‘next big thing’ to sign to a new talent agency.

The winner gets a year-long contract and personal mentoring from Katie. “The Pricey has spoken,” screams Sky Living. Bad news for the Discovered By Katie Price show is that only 130,000 people tuned into the first episode last week, with rumours already circulating it will soon face the axe. In other unsurprising news, it has now been estimated that Katie’s addiction to plastic surgery has cost upwards of Dhs600,000. Let’s hope the show is cancelled before some poor winner ends up like Katie.