Katie Holmes' 'New Man Plan'

Who's the mystery guy in her life?
Tuesday , 31 July 2012
Is Katie aching for company?
Is Katie aching for company?
Has Tom followed Katie to New York?
Has Tom followed Katie to New York?
Ex Chris Klein isn't A-list enough for Katie!
Ex Chris Klein isn't A-list enough for Katie!

Katie Holmes’ team allegedly made a list of eligible bachelors who she’s going to target in her ‘new man plan’! One pal spilled, “She’s been lonely for a while with Tom’s long absences on film shoots and she’s aching for company.”

Another insider revealed to Famous magazine that Katie’s already got her eye on someone special. “Despite all the craziness surrounding her divorce, Katie has told friends that she’s had someone supporting her through all the heartache and pain... her friends are wondering if she might be falling for him as well.” A pal of Katie’s fuelled speculation even further, saying, “These last few months she’s been leaning on her inner circle for support and that’s where the mystery man stepped in.”

Long-term friend and ex-fiancé Chris Klein is top of the list of suspects, but Ahlan! moles say he’s just a pal – Katie prefers to date more high-profile A-listers. Watch this space for updates!

‘He’s Behind You!’
If Katie thought she could get rid of Tom Cruise that easily she was mistaken! Three times divorced, Tom is determined not to be pushed out of Katie and Suri’s lives. Our source in the Big Apple revealed that he’s now shopping for a bachelor pad in New York City where they now live.
Buying a house in NYC would certainly be more convenient than flying Suri around in the $50 million (Dhs180 million) private jet he was considering buying for her. It would also give him a chance to keep an eye on Katie...

 “Tom’s looking for a new home [in New York]. He wants to have a nice amount of space for Suri, with outdoor space. That could mean high-end luxury apartments, but he’s also looking at houses outside of the city or in gated communities.” Perhaps Katie should do the same... gates seem like a good idea. Tall ones.

The New Mrs Cruise?
You’d think 50-year-old Tom would chill out now that he’s been linked to a new woman – Yolanda Pecoraro, a 34-year-old actress and fellow Scientologist who he allegedly dated briefly in 2004.

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