Is Katie Holmes Letting Herself Go?

She’s been spotted with messy hair, a few extra pounds and questionable wardrobe choices – is A-lister Katie Holmes ready for the B-list?
Wednesday , 11 April 2012
Pyjamas don’t make good 
day wear!
Pyjamas don’t make good day wear!
Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages
Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

Katie Holmes’ five-year-old daughter Suri gets plenty of good press for her trendy wardrobe, but Tom Cruise’s missus seems to be spending so much time dressing her tot that she doesn’t have time for herself! The 33-year-old actress has been sporting the mum look lately, and recently stepped out in an unflattering floral jumpsuit looking a little heavier than usual! Could she be going frumpy because she’s not planning to return to the screen anytime soon or could she be readying for baby number two?

Her last major project, Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler, nabbed 12 Razzie awards this year. Ouch! Then there was her turn as Jackie Kennedy in US mini-series The Kennedys which received negative reviews. Maybe Katie’s decided to let Tom carry the family acting torch. Her hubby shows plenty of skin in his new flick Rock of Ages and certainly doesn’t look 16 years older than casual Katie!

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