Katie and Posh bust up?

Pair "ignore" each other at restaurant
Sunday , 20 April 2008
Katie and Posh bust up?

Rumours are rife in Hollywood that posh pals Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have had a falling out.

The rumour mill got in to full swing last week when Spice Girl Victoria celebrated her 34th birthday with pals Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsdale but the Cruises were noteably absent.

Now, according to reports in British newspapers, gossip has gone in to overdrive after the pair reportedly acted as if they didn't know each other when they met unexpectedly at The Polo Lounge in LA.

"Tom got up and bear-hugged Victoria, but Katie didn't get up from the table. It was strange," a source from the restaurant said.

But a spokesman insists they are still best pals: "They all had a drink together. And Tom and Katie and David and Victoria were all out for dinner together last Friday."

The Beckhams and the Cruises became friends when the Hollywood couple  famously welcomed the British pair to Los Angeles in July last year after David signed for LA Galaxy.

It is claimed that the women had a row after Katie became jealous over Posh being asked to appear on the cover of Vogue.

But now, as well as Katie and Victoria's fall out, rumour has it that Mrs Cruise is preparing for a trial separation from her Scientologist husband because she can no longer cope with the pressure.