Katie And Peter Split?

02 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Marriage is "over" just weeks after they renewed their vows


Celebrity couple PETER ANDRE and KATIE PRICE are fighting to keep their marriage alive amid reports they've split just weeks after renewing their vows
in South Africa.

The Aussie pop star and the busty British model's three-year marriage is close to collapse, according to media reports in England - with Andre allegedly
threatening to walk out if his wife doesn't start treating him with more respect.

A source says: "Pete really has had enough. He's told her that unless she treats him with some compassion and like an equal then their
wedding vows don't mean a thing."

The news follows comments Andre has made on the couple's British reality TV show Katie Peter: The Next Chapter, in which he suggests the couple would be happier apart.

He says, "One day, unfortunately, we will go our separate ways and we will probably be happier, but at the moment we're working hard to make this
relationship work."

According to Australian reports, Andre lost his patience with Price, aka former glamour girl Jordan, when she revealed she knew nothing about a make-up
range for men her husband was developing.

Another source tells Britain's Heat magazine, "She (Price) makes him (Andre) feel like dirt. He'll be getting ready and she'll say, 'What are you wearing
that for?' It really upsets him."

The couple have two children together and Katie's son Harvey from a previous relationship