Kate Winslet's Headed to The Titanic

22 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Sir Richard Branson's making it happen

Kate Winslet’s Titanic fantasy could become a reality as Sir Richard Branson announces plans to take her on a dive to the famous ship wreck.

“It is something I am very keen to do. I’m deadly serious about this and I would love to invite Kate to come with me,” Sir Richard said. “Wouldn’t it be something if the star of Titanic really got to go down to the real ship? I’m going to talk to her but I’m sure it’s an opportunity she will jump at.”

The 1997 film launched Kate’s career and is the second highest-grossing film of all time behind Avatar. The image of Kate and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio on the helm of the ship is one of the most recognised iconic images in film history. Perhaps the actress will recreate the romantic scene with her new leading man?

Kate is dating Sir Richard’s nephew Ned RockNRoll, who she became friendly with on Necker Island over the summer. Necker is the infamous private Caribbean island where Kate rescued Sir Richard’s mother from a burning building in August. Their relationship is getting serious and they have been spotted out together playing happy families with Kate’s children Joe and Mia.

The dive to the original Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic Ocean will cost Dhs220,000 per person. It’s a good thing Sir Richard is a billionaire!