Kate Winslet The Hero

The superwoman steals the show during blaze
Sunday , 28 August 2011
Kate Winslet The Hero
Kate Winslet

She may be famous for playing a damsel in distress – lest we forget her panic when her ship was hit by an iceberg - but when it comes to real life Kate Winslet has chutzpah, so much so in fact that when Richard Branson’s luxury holiday island Necker went up in a blaze, thanks to a freak lightening storm, she went all superwoman and rescued the billionaire’s 90-year-old mum. The 35-year-old was staying on the island with her kids and her super-hot boyfriend Louis Dowler – another reason why we love Winslet, she knows how to get her men – when the fire broke out and while Richard admits his mum was safe, Kate couldn’t help but go the rescue. Branson said, “My mum is 90 and can walk, but it was more just to speed the process up than anything else. But anyway, she was great. She swept her up into her arms and got them out of the house as fast as possible.”

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