Kate Winslet Talks Beauty

VIVA interviews the Hollywood actress
ByAnita QuadeTuesday , 16 September 2014
Kate Winslet Talks Beauty
Kate Winslet

You have been a Lancôme ambassadress for almost eight years now. Are you conscious you are part of the brand’s DNA and how does it feel? 
I am very aware that I do appear to be part of the brand's DNA. And it is something I never imagined! It remains a huge honor to me and it has done so much for my inner strength and confidence. When you are held in high regard by such a successful luxury brand, it is tremendously flattering. And since Lancôme has always had such strong powerhouse women at its helm, it really amplifies the feeling I have of being part of something that attains more and more gravity and grace as the years go by.

What do you think about the evolution of Lancôme over these years? Does it still surprise you?
I think that is because the creative team has always been so dedicated to keeping the brand alive, fresh and new, in spite of the company being nearly 80 years old.You would never know that because of how modern the overall feel and tone of the brand is. And to be an ambassador in the company of three other such powerful actresses is probably the biggest surprise of all.

Tell us three words that sum up the brand…
Is that all I get? How about four words? ‘Beauty is an attitude’.

What are your favourite Lancôme products at the moment?
I really love Visionnaire – it is off the charts incredible. It makes the skin look like it is being lit from within by a light bulb! I am also loving Eau Micellaire Douceur – it’s a beautiful, clean, all over cleanser. And of course, Rénergie Yeux!

Have you got a beauty secret?
I don’t really keep secrets, so therefore, I can safely say that I don’t have any real beauty secrets either. But I have a pretty healthy lifestyle. I am outside a lot, and I love food and eating healthily, so that plays a part in feeling good. I drink plenty of water. I gave up smoking three years ago so that transformed my skin and my life.

In the morning, what is the first step in your beauty routine? What about your last step before going to bed?
My first step, when I wake up, is to brush my teeth! I also use Visionnaire every morning. It really hydrates and firms the skin. Then I moisturise on top with Hydra Zen Neurocalm™ Day. And before going to bed, I use an eye cream, Renergie Yeux.

It’s often said that happiness is the most attractive form of beauty – do you agree?
Yes! It is not always easy to just ‘be happy.’ I am incredibly fortunate to have my little family and my health, and a career that I feel proud to love as much as I do. These things light me up every day, and make me happy. I am blessed.

What makes a woman beautiful and unique?
I can’t say that there is any one specific thing that makes a woman beautiful and unique. But I would say that it is inner confidence that plays a huge part.

If beauty was a feeling – what would it be?
Happiness of course.

You are the face of Visionnaire HD, the new even more powerful version of Lancôme’s multi-awarded skin corrector, that helps in recreating a perfect skin texture. What is your idea of perfect skin?
It’s skin that looks deep down healthy, fresh, vibrant and natural. It is normal to start having fine lines and to notice that your skin is different than what it was in your 20s, but you want to see that it is healthy and radiant.

When you are not working as an actress and the face of Lancôme, what do you dream of doing? 
I dream of climbing mountains!

You have a busy year coming up with several movies. How do you manage with all the filming?
Juggling work and life is always challenging. There is no magical formula, and every movie is different based on time commitment and the location. I manage, somehow!

Your characters are always very different. How do you choose your roles?
I am very fortunate because being an actress also allows me to read scripts.  I love that I am asked to read some truly fascinating scripts. I suppose I am instinctively attracted to roles that are diverse, unique and challenging. And switching from one to another is when I get to have the most fun!

How do you prepare yourself for a role?
The most important thing for me in preparing for a role is just to take enough time to do that. And often there is an accent to learn, so that is the most time consuming and fun part, which I love. But just reading the script over and over, and spending most of my time thinking about the role, that really helps.

Tell us your best memory of being an actress…
My best memory as an actress is being given the role in “Heavenly Creatures”.

How do you spend your time when you are not working?
When I am not working, I spend my time with my children. I am a full time Mum off set.

What motivates you?
My husband. He has the most extraordinary energy.

Are there any particular qualities that you find attractive in a man and woman?
A quality that I find attractive in a man would have to be a lack of vanity.  And in a woman, it definitely has to be a sense of humour.

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