Kate Middleton's family is falling apart

Things are going from bad to worse behind the scenes
ByPaul MartinMonday , 02 November 2015
Kate Middleton's family is falling apart
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Kate Middleton is facing her biggest crisis since becoming a Royal as she desperately tries to convince her heartbroken sister Pippa Middleton not to flee to a new life in America, while simultaneously dealing with rumours her mother has a drinking problem.

Kate Will be Kate All Alone
As the Duchess wowed the world with her stunning appearance at the China State Visit ball Kate was hiding a secrete heartache from the A-List guests. She’s been supporting sister Pippa “24/7” since she split with boyfriend Nico Jackson and fears she’ll now leave the UK for good in pursuit of a “normal life”. Pippa’s been spending nights with Kate as she comes to terms with the relationship woes and is said to have told her that she wants to leave Britain – which would be a massive blow to Kate. A source revealed: “Pippa’s so upset. She feels she’s never going to have a successful relationship while she’s so close to the royals. It brings too much pressure on the men that she’s with.” The insider added: “Kate’s blaming herself and says if Pippa leaves it’s her last proper link to a normal life, to the person she is closest too. Pippa wants to set up home on the east coast of America and she’s connections over there to make it happen.”

Pippa Needs Counselling
K-Midd wants her sister to be happy, but “would be devastated if she went. She’s having constant counselling style heart to hearts with Pippa to see if she can talk her into staying.” Kate confided in one close friend saying: “I feel like she can’t have a proper relationship because of me. I just want her to be happy.” The insider added: “Kate’s really stressed about the whole thing. She’s been staying up late every night talking to Pippa and trying to make her see running away isn’t the answer, but Pip is a very strong minded girl and there’s only so much Kate can do to try and get her to stay.”

The Royal Matchmaker
In her desperate bid to get her sibling to stay, Kate’s even vowed to find Pippa a new man that’s perfect for her. But Pippa is so upset at her latest relationship failure she doesn’t even want to contemplate going on a date with anyone yet. “Pippa’s really feeling down about what the future holds. At 32 she finds herself without an established career and without a property of her own,” said the source. “Worst of all she constantly wonders if she’ll ever escape the shadow of her elder sister, whose young family is never out of the news.”

The American Dream
One of Pippa’s inner circle said, unequivocally, that the decision to end the three-year relationship was a mutual one. “Pippa couldn’t handle the pressure and neither could he. Now she could be about to take the biggest gamble of her life by leaving the UK.” Kate’s personal life seems to be unravelling at the same time as her mother Carole is also said to be facing a battle. According to reports, Carole’s fondness of the bottle has gotten out of hand and has been brought to the attention of Queen Elizabeth, who isn’t amused by the commoner.

Carole Hits the Bottle
The Daily Mail reported that despite private warnings and pressure from the Queen, C-Midd has continued to drink in public, and was even photographed throwing back a few pints. “We’re used to seeing Prince Harry knock back a pint or two, but it was Carole that needed a bit of the strong stuff while watching England’s agonising rugby defeat.” There was also a suggestion, that Carole, who was extremely animated at the rugby game, had taken her own spirits to the match in her handbag. “She was seen getting extremely fired-up during the game, holding her hands to her head and screaming at the players,” said a source to the newspaper.

With Pippa ready to escape to the States, Kate will be solely responsible for trying to sort out Carole’s behaviour. Hopefully the Duchess doesn’t crack under the pressure.


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