Kate Middleton's Facial Therapist Shares her Secrets

Expert beauty advice from Deborah Mitchell
BySarah Hedley HymersMonday , 01 February 2016
Kate Middleton's Facial Therapist Shares her Secrets
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Want to know the secrets to celebrities looking younger as they age? Read on!
Deborah Mitchell, founder of Heaven Skincare, is a leading expert in facials, with a client list that includes Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. Here she shares her secrets to getting A-list skin.
My range, Heaven Skincare, uses natural essential oils and ingredients. In nature there are plenty of ingredients, such as organic vegetable proteins, that can achieve
extraordinary results. These are found in superfoods such as beetroot, which aids detoxification of the skin, and asparagus, which firms the skin. Carrot oils, which are a natural source of Vitamin A, can resurface the skin and make it more radiant. You can buy products full of man-made chemicals that don’t have any effect, while natural ingredients used at home can actually be very effective without containing any harmful components! I love to play around with natural ingredients at home. A great fix that’s quick to use is sugar and olive oil. The olive oil helps to take away any pigment in the skin and the sugar has a dissolving action on the surface tissues, while the abrasive action of the crystals is exfoliating. In Heaven Bee Polish, I use raw cane sugar, which dissolves old cellular activity and my patented Bee Venom (Abeetoxin) to relax lines. It has no abrasive action and leaves the skin with a fresh smooth appearance.
Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is talked about a lot, and we use it in our Age Defiance Cream, which is the most effective cream at delivering hyaluronic acid to the skin. It’s created from vegetables so it is like having a natural vegetable injectable. Hyaluronic acid is what plumps our skin and keeps it hydrated.  Once it penetrates the dead skin layer it increases hydration, improves elasticity and also reverses free-radical damage.
Avoid products containing preservatives. We have all heard about the harmful effects of parabens in products. The latest concern is MIT (methylisothiazolinone) in products. This is a powerful preservative that many groups use in cosmetic items. It has recently been found to cause sensitisation and allergies, and has been banned in many countries, with more to follow suit.  Heaven Skincare has a natural PPM (Patented Preservative Method), with no harmful effects, irritants or allergens. I believe ingredients that overwork the top layers of the skin and leave it vulnerable should be avoided, including retinol-based products. 
We need the sun to make vitamin D, but for some reason the residents in the sunny Middle East have some of the lowest levels of vitamin D in the world!
Studies show that you can still get vitamin D from the sun if you wear sun protection, and I created a preparation to apply after facials called the Silk Skin Bee Cream, which has a sun protection factor of 20 and makes the skin look luminous. It uses copper and iron to stave away the free radicals that cause our skin to look older. You only need half an hour of sun a day to produce the optimum level of vitamin D, but interestingly you shouldn’t wear sunglasses as sunglasses trick the body into believing it is night time, which stops your skin from producing the vitamin D! 
To keep your skin in optimum condition, the first thing you should do when you wake is drink a cup of hot water with lemon – this detoxes the liver and starts your daily metabolism and skincare regime. Keep the rest of your routine simple enough so you can do it daily. For example, you can save time by mixing your exfoliator with your cleanser, which is a good tip because everyday gentle exfoliation can keep your skin looking younger. To then stop your skin dehydrating – especially important in the Middle East heat and non-stop air conditioning, which can lead to premature ageing – eat something every four hours. Food is important, even if it’s dry oats, as a by-product of digested food is water. Everyone says, “I drink lots of water so why is my skin dehydrated?” But they probably skip breakfast or lunch. After work, cleanse again as soon as you get home. You should clean your skin every eight hours because blackheads form as a result of the oxidisation effect of the air. And, finally, never pick a spot – they always scar and get worse! 

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