Kate Middleton's Baby Plans

Kate’s battle to save her baby from the ‘Kensington System’…
Tuesday , 26 March 2013
Prince William and Kate will raise the baby ‘their way’
Prince William and Kate will raise the baby ‘their way’
William and Kate’s home at Kensington Palace
William and Kate’s home at Kensington Palace

She is preparing to give birth in July, but The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, is already raising eyebrows within British royal circles over her decision to rebuff regal protocol and raise the heir to the Windsor throne in a strict, imposing setting. And insiders say she’s refusing to toe the line to introduce her unborn child to a life behind palace walls, giving Prince William no choice but to agree to her plans.

Boy, oh boy!
The bold Duchess broke with royal etiquette at a public appearance in England last week by announcing she’d like a baby boy, despite her husband William, 30, admitting he’d like a daughter. And insiders say reformist Kate is not stopping there, insisting she will raise her child “her way.”

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