Kate Middleton worried sick over kids' safety

A series of scary incidents involving the kids has the Duchess terrified
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 27 August 2015
Kate Middleton worried sick over kids' safety
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The safety of a child is every mother’s top priority, and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton isn’t any different. But over the last few months paparazzi have gone to extreme measures to get pictures of Prince George, often putting him in danger. This has not only infuriated the young mum of two, but it’s also petrified her. 

Who can blame her? We’d also feel uneasy if a photographer was found hiding in a car near a children's play area trying to take photos of our child, which is exactly what happened to her. As a result, a spokesperson for Prince William and Kate Middleton has threatened legal action against members of the paparazzi if they continue to harass the couple's two-year-old son, Prince George. A Kensington Palace official fired off a stern letter to media outlets last week, urging them not to purchase paparazzi pictures of the toddler amid concerns snappers are using "increasingly dangerous" tactics to obtain the photos, posing serious security risks. In the notice, Communications Secretary Jason Knauf outlined a series of recent incidents which have warranted cause for concern, including the use of long range lenses to snoop on Kate and George playing in a private park, hiding on private property, and pursuing cars leaving the family's homes.

Prince George with Princess Charlotte

The statement also applauded media outlets who have obliged the royals' wish to only print authorised pictures or images taken at official photo opportunities of their kids, and warns that any photographers who breach the young family's privacy will face legal action. He added: "We have made the decision to discuss these issues now, as the incidents are becoming more frequent and the tactics more alarming. A line has been crossed, and any further escalation in tactics would represent a very real security risk."

Even the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has shown the royal couple his support. “I am concerned and I have every sympathy with the royal couple,” the Prime Minister recently told BBC Breakfast. “What we need to do now is to persuade some of these publications not to use these pictures. I do think William and Kate deserve some privacy and some space as they bring up their children,” he added.

And it seems the stress has taken its toll on Kate. She’s rarely been seen out in public in recent weeks, and has cancelled various appearances at the last minute. Her last minute snub of yet another high-society wedding last week has led to an unusually high level of worry among royal fans. Despite confirming her attendance to Prince William’s close friend, Bear Maclean’s, wedding, Kate mysteriously cancelled at the 11th hour and sent sister Pippa instead. In fact, her name was still on the seating plan! But with everything that’s been going on, we don’t blame Kate for wanting to stay at home to keep an eye on the kids.


Sadly, for the royals, it seems the paparazzi have learned nothing from the tragic death of Princess Diana. Good on Kate for trying to stop the madness while the kids are still young. 

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