Kate Middleton Exposed

Kate Middleton Exposed

08 Jun 2014

The Duchess has revealed far more than intended!

Kate Middleton has caused a stir once again with a risky choice of clothing which has come back to bite her on the derrière – or, rather, expose it! The Duchess has brought yet more blushes upon both herself and her family after being pictured in what Team Ahlan! are calling another “Marilyn Monroe moment”. Not for the first time, the 32-year-old was caught out by a strong breeze caused by a departing helicopter – and some well-positioned paparazzi. The faux pas, which occurred during her recent tour of New Zealand and Australia with Prince William, left us wondering why she doesn’t wear a fitted slip while on public duty. 

Blown Up!
During the Royal couple’s stroll around the Blue Mountains, Kate’s Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress blew up around her waist to reveal her perky regal rear as photographers snapped away. German tabloid Bild created controversy by publishing the images of Kate – which were initially rejected by the British press – alongside photographs of reality TV stars Kim and Khloé Kardashian in order to compare the sisters’ famously curvy behinds to that of the future Queen of England’s! 

To add insult to injury, the publication added a crude headline which, when translated from German, reads: “Thank you for this horny a** weekend!” The attached story heaps further misery on the mother-of-one as the newspaper writes: “The royal helicopter rotor blades swirled up the air so that Kate’s summer dress began blowing upwards – affording us a glimpse of her beautiful bum. Never have we been so thankful to a helicopter for creating such a wind.”

Camilla Loves A Good Scandal! 
So far, Clarence House has not commented on the Bild pictures, but insiders say that Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker-Bowles is rubbing her hands with glee at the embarrassment Kate has caused for herself. It’s said that Camilla, 66, is no fan of Kate and is desperate for the Queen to step down and let Prince Charles rule the Kingdom, despite murmurs that the throne will be passed straight to Wills and Kate. One gossip site reported: “Camilla may be a lot of things, but she doesn’t go to photo ops sans her undergarments. There’s no doubt right now that the Palace is in a frenzy over Kate’s latest scandal, and the Royal Family is in panic mode. Everyone except Camilla Parker-Bowles, that is. She is for sure hiding out and celebrating this momentous occasion.