Kate Middleton and Prince William One Year On

25 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

As the Royal couple get ready to celebrate their first anniversary, concern mounts that Kate Middleton is too thin to bear an heir

If Kate Middleton and Prince William thought the global fascination with them would fizzle out by the time they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, they thought wrong! Instead, the complete opposite has happened and they will celebrate one year as a married couple facing intense speculation on whether a royal baby is on the way.

After revealing their engagement in November 2010, Kate talked openly of her hopes to “have a happy family ourselves,” and William said they “obviously” wanted kids. The pressure is on, especially as both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana produced heirs within their first year of marriage. As second in line to the throne, and with suspicion that Prince Charles will not succeed his mother, Wills is certain to eventually become King of England – and kings need heirs!

“Continuity of the monarchy depends on William producing an heir,” says veteran royal watcher Judy Wade, adding, “A baby would also put a seal on William and Kate’s happiness.”

Photos of Kate have been scrutinised for signs of a bump for the last 12 months, but so far, no baby! So, just what’s keeping the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from starting a family? Have they decided to rebel against tradition, or are they having problems conceiving? It’s being speculated that the stress of not producing an heir has taken its toll on Kate, and her dramatic weight loss eerily echoes the dark days of Princess Diana, who admitted to an eating disorder in 1995. Rumours abound about whether Kate is now too thin to conceive. One UK doctor has warned that Kate is “dangerously close to being underweight,” while  Dr Chris Steele has gone on record saying, “If she continues to lose any more weight, it’s entirely medically plausible that she will have extreme difficulty getting pregnant.”

Ahlan! hopes Kate packs on the pounds this year so we can hear the pitter-patter of royal feet soon.