Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy In Trouble?

Hollywood star and Brit rocker feeling the strain already
Monday , 29 August 2011
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy In Trouble?
Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson

According to sources, Kate Hudson and her partner Matt Bellamy are feeling the strain of juggling work, an international jetset lifestyle and parental pressures.

Our mole reveals, the couple who have only been together for a year and already have a two-month-old son called Bingham, are coming to the end of their tether with their very high profile relationship.

A source says, “Kate and Matt are engaged but the pressures of his work and the amount of travelling they have to do has proven a real strain in their relationship. Everything happened for them so quickly but Bingham has been the priority in both of their lives.”

Problems in the partnership began to show very early on in Kate’s pregnancy when it was revealed Muse frontman Matt banned her from their tour of Australia so he could focus on the job.

The source adds, “Kate being asked to keep her distance went down like a lead balloon and there has been on and off tension ever since.”

“They were talking about marriage for a few months but lately that seems to have taken a back seat to everything else that has been going on.”

“Kate is determined to walk down the aisle but with Matt touring and her starting work later this year, it looks like they will be apart more than together.”

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