Kate Hudson's Dad Takes Blame For Love Split

Estranged father Bill Hudson says daughter's unlucky love life is his fault
ByClaire GlasbyMonday , 15 December 2014
Kate Hudson's Dad Takes Blame For Love Split
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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s estranged father Bill Hudson feels responsible for his daughter's troubled love life, insisting his absence from her childhood has had lasting repercussions.

Earlier this month, the Almost Famous actress and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy confirmed they had called off their engagement after four years together.

Her first marriage to rocker Chris Robinson ended in divorce after seven years, and Bill believes his attitude to fatherhood during her youth is part of the reason why she cannot commit to a longterm relationship.

Bill told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper, "What people don't realise is that behind the glitz and the glamour of fame and stardom is a darker reality... when you are in a bubble - and Kate's been in a bubble her whole life as the daughter of a celebrity and now a celebrity herself - it is much harder to sustain a long-term relationship.

"To be a star, by it's very definition, you have to be selfish. To sustain her level of fame Kate has to put herself first, and that isn't the recipe for successful romance... I take full responsibility for the fact that my actions when she was a girl helped contribute to the problems she has had forming lasting bonds today. I feel tremendous guilt.

"I truly believe her inability to sustain a longterm relationship is my fault. A father is supposed to always be there for you. How can you trust any man when your father abandoned you? I failed her."

Bill and Kate have not spoken since 2007. The actress has previously opened up about being "abandoned" by her father, who remarried and started a new family with another woman when she was a teenager.

She and her brother Oliver were raised by their mother Goldie Hawn and her longterm partner Kurt Russell, who Hudson has long considered her real father. 

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