Kate Goodwin

04 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Founder of ILLUMIN8 Media Makeup Studio

This professional makeup artist is setting new standards within her industry by providing UAE students with training at an international level at her new studio.

You launched ILLUMIN8 in 2012. Tell us about that.
We’re a makeup school offering training in professional makeup application for those looking to take up makeup artistry as a career. There are many schools like ILLUMIN8 around the world, but nothing to international standards is available in this region. We’ll offer professionally-recognised qualifications for the TV, film, fashion, advertising and bridal industries.

So what’s special about your courses?
We’ll be flying in specialist experts to teach some unique courses. We’re maintaining high teaching standards while bringing new things to the region such as professional airbrushing. Also, we offer work experience to our students as an aftercare service.

But it’s more than just professional training, isn’t it?
Most definitely. We offer one-day workshops to everyday women too – it’s amazing how properly applied makeup can lift the spirits and build self-esteem. Plus, our Radiate workshop is all about connecting inner and outer beauty. It teaches a woman the importance of connecting not only with who she is in the mirror but also what she feels about herself from within – after all, true beauty comes from within. Plus, our upcoming Shine Your Light workshops are non-profitable and specifically for woman suffering the effects of cancer.

What celebrities have you worked with over your 10-year career?
Paris Hilton, Leona Lewis, Ivanka Trump, Tamara Ecclestone and Kelly Brook among others.

What’s your best makeup tip?
Less is more!

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