Kate Bosworth Launches Fashion App

The fashionista is embarking on a new career, launching her own phone app
Wednesday , 16 July 2014
Kate Bosworth Launches Fashion App
© Kate Bosworth Launches Fashion App
Kate Bosworth Launches Fashion App

Super stylish Kate Bosworth is embarking on a new career and launching her own fashion app. When it goes live next month Style Thief will allow its users to take a snapshot of any piece of clothing they see and locate the exact item, or in some cases something very similar, from a databae of thousands of online stores within seconds. Whether it’s a catwalk look or a dress you’ve seen on your fave celeb, the app will have access to thousands of products to find you the closest item it can to the look and you’ll be able to buy it there and then.

Kate told WWD "Everyone has fashion envy. Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, and wanting to steal something exactly as you're seeing it, or something similar." The app will allow you to do just that wherever you are, whenever you want within minutes. Kate herself will even demonstrate how the app works wearing a red Valentino dress for the launch that she found with the new technology. 

When it launches the app sets to lead rivals ASAP54 and Snap Fashion who are currently the only competition in the market. Already a fashion icon in her own right the launch of the app is set to expand the actress's career taking her to a new level. Kate will join forces with her director husband Michael Polish who will take on the role of Chief Creative Officer a Style Thief. 

INFO: Style Thief will be available to download on iTunes from September 

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