Kate Beckinsale for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

28 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Stunning actress Kate Beckinsale is the cover star of Harper's Bazaar Arabia’s January 2012 issue – here’s a sneak peek at the chic shoot and interview

The dazzling Kate Beckinsale returns to Hollywood as Selene, the gorgeous, armed and dangerous vampire in Underworld Awakening. To celebrate this comeback, ahead of the movie’s release on 19 January 2012, the actress is dressed up in striking couture by Harper's Bazaar Arabia. As you can see, she looks like a dream! Get your copy of the magazine now to find out what makes this Brit star shine bright across borders, and how she lives a charmed life. For now, to whet your appetite for starry style, we’ve got highlights from Kate’s chat with Harper’s right here…   

Kate Beckinsale on her Sense of Style
“I don’t necessarily think it’s always vitally important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, because an incredibly structured Alexander McQueen corset dress maybe difficult to move in, but it will look beautiful. However, as a rule, if you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable. I also understand that you have to know what works for you. It’s not just about your taste, it’s about knowing what your body does to a certain style of dress once it gets inside it.”

Kate Beckinsale on her Iconic Underworld Cat Suit
“It’s funny, because it was exactly the same costume I had when I first started these movies [in 2003]. It hasn’t changed at all! It’s not even that uncomfortable, I just make out that it is for sympathy. But what woman wouldn’t find fitting into something she hasn’t worn for five years difficult? It was kinda fun though, like putting your school uniform back on five years later and thinking, ‘Blimey! Here I am again.’”

Kate Beckinsale on Hitting 40 in Two Years
"I don’t think about it at all. People are so desperate to nudge you towards whatever birthday decade you’re approaching. I’m sure it will hit me in a terrible way, but I really haven’t spent time worrying about it just yet.”

Kate Beckinsale on Being Staunchly Anti-Botox
"I haven’t signed up to that at all. I’m frightened. I’m actually anxious enough that I think that I would be the one person that immediately dropped dead if I did it. I mean, you’re willingly injecting a disease into your head, aren’t you? But I never thought that I would be wielding a machine gun or doing yoga, so I’m not somebody who says never about anything. However, injecting botulism into my face is a hard one to get my head around. I might be more inclined with to go with a paper bag.”

Kate Beckinsale on her Lessons for Daughter Lily
“I tend not to operate by giving advice, which may come from having her quite young; I don’t feel six generations removed from her, so it’s easy to recall what it felt like to be her age [13]. I’m more likely to tell her how it was for me and how useless I was at everything, especially socially. For all her awkward teenage moments, I’ve probably had at least five or six legendary ones.”

Kate Beckinsale on her Love for Yoga
“I have become, to my complete astonishment, someone who has to do yoga every day. I used to absolutely hate it because it put me in an instant rage. But, over time, I’ve learnt to not sort of hate it. If I’m honest, though, the thing I really love is the ‘legal’ 10 minutes of lying down you get to do at the end.”

With special thanks to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

INFO: The January 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia is available at all good magazine outlets. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia is published by ITP in Dubai and distributed in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Lebanon. Follow Harper’s Bazaar Arabia online at www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaarArabia and on Twitter at @BazaarArabia.

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