Kate’s Anti-Ageing Panic!

25 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

The shocking length’s the super’s going to stay youthful!

Devastated by recent pictures of herself looking haggard, Kate Moss has reportedly embarked on a panic anti-ageing plan to un-do years of hard partying. Compared by pals to Peter Pan, friends of the super recently spilled that the 35-year-old is terrified of getting old, saying, “Kate’s a bit of a social vampire and she likes young blood. She loves hip young guys and girls. The more she mixes with them, the younger she feels.” Adding, “She doesn’t want to get old. If she’s with people her own age or older, it makes her feel more grown up and she hates that.”

Now, in a bid to hang on to her youth, the 24-hour party girl is desperately trying to turn back the clock...

Paranoid and begging for help
According to an insider, Kate is so crippled with the fear of losing her looks that she obsessively checks herself in the mirror. “The paranoia about her age is creeping in. Her big issue is stopping wrinkles and she knows her skin can appear spotty,” said a source. Adding, “She has mirrors all over her house and keeps examining her face in a magnified one under different lights to check how her skin is ageing.”

Panicked, she’s even said to have turned to Storm Models’ agent Sarah Doukas – who discovered her at the age of 14 – for advice.

“Sarah advised Kate to cut down her smoking dramatically as she currently smokes around 40 cigarettes a day,” said an insider. “She has also suggested more sleep and a healthier diet plan.”

A shocking facelift
Kate is also reportedly “obsessed” with a Dhs2,000 anti-wrinkle device called Tua Viso, which reduces wrinkles by passing an electrical current through the skin’s surface.

“We have worked very closely with Kate over the years on various products,” said a Tua Viso spokesperson. “Recently, when we told Kate the latest model was out, she put in an order for six straight away.” Adding, “She loves this product and that’s really flattering when you think of all the lotions and potions she must get to try.”

Magic juice
Kate’s also said to have been downing shots from ‘superfruit’ mangosteen, after being told about its age-defying properties.

“Kate’s been raving about this juice which is made from an Asian fruit called mangosteen,” said an insider. “She has it in a concentrated form and swigs back a small shot first thing and another in the evening.” Adding, “After a month of taking it, she looks amazing. Her skin’s incredible and she says she hasn’t had a cold and rarely even gets hangovers.”