Kat Lebrasse

The Australian freelance journalist believes the world is her runway...
Friday , 30 March 2018
Kat Lebrasse
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Kat Lebrasse
  • I’ve now lived in the UAE for almost 13 years. It is where I met my husband, it is where we had our daughter, and it is where we’ve created our home.
  • There will always be someone better than you and someone worse than you. Comparison is a curse. Live in your own moments and strive to be only the best version of yourself.
  •  My husband often says that I have a certain “get-go” that many people lack. I create opportunities where they may not exist. Also, I’m a big believer in being nice. Genuinely nice.
  •  This year, I’d love to get involved with some CSR and fundraising for people less privileged.

Photo location: Black Tap, Rixos Premium JBR