Kim Kardashian

Kardashians At War

30 Jan 2011

Get ready for a bitter battle as the sisters try to steal the spotlight from each other

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have declared war on each other as their sibling rivalry reaches an all time high with each sister desperately trying to clinch a larger stake of the spotlight.

Sources say the jealousy within the Kardashian household has become so extreme it’s moved far beyond cat fights and trash talk. “They’re using more manipulative tactics,” explained an insider.

Kim Wants Her Reign Back

When Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami became a hit show, the two sisters became as popular as reality superstar, Kim.

As her sisters’ fame grew, Kim started Tweeting more semi naked photos of herself as well as hooking up with A-list men. The 30-year-old’s recent pic of herself in swimsuit was posted shortly after Kourtney was snapped by paps with her new, hot post-baby bikini bod.

While Kim has been adamant her body is “100 per cent real”, sources believe the socialite looks likes like she's turned to surgery especially with a recent image of her with bizarrely large lips. If the star was trying to recreate the Ange Jolie pout she failed. The star went on to blame the blunder on having the "flu"!

As well as launching a solo album, Kim is also desperate for a role in Glee. “At the Golden Globes she made a beeline for Lea Michelle," knowing that an appearance on this show will help her stand out.

Kourtney Takes On Kim

Kourtney has taken a more discreet approach to standing out from Kim. In a recent Tweet Kourtney posted, “What a flight! Kim slept next to me while my boob was about to explode with breast milk! I went to the bathroom squeezed.”

After giving birth to son Mason, the 31-year-old has worked rigorously to regain her figure. A pal revealed. “They used to call her fat but now Kourtney has a great figure and has recently been showing it off.”

Kim and Kourtney’s constant snipes are affecting the filming of Kim & Kourtney Take New York with crew members insisting the siblings are “so competitive."

Khloe’s Own Show

With Khloe and hubby Lamar Odom getting their own reality programme on E!, Kim's reign as a reality star is also threatened. Khloe teased, “The show promises a lot of laughs. With this show, we’re putting it all out there."