Kardashian feud heats up: Kim labels Rob an "extra" on the show

Things are going from bad to worse between the famous siblings
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 31 March 2015
Kardashian feud heats up: Kim labels Rob an "extra" on the show
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Kim vs Rob: Round 467

It seems Kim Kardashian still hasn’t forgiven brother Rob for his infamous Instagram post. Considering he’s been living out of the spotlight and barely speaking to his family, it’s no surprise that he’s getting much less airtime on the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And when asked by family friends why he’s barely seen on the reality show, Radar Online reports that “Kim just calls him an ‘extra’ now.” Ouch!

The insider family sources told Radar Online that Rob’s felt under pressure because of his weight struggles and Kim making family business decisions that don’t include him. While all the Kardashian girls have their own brands and endorsements, Rob merely has an Arthur George sock range. “He’s upset that he makes no money from the Kardashians show,” said the source. “They’re making hundreds of millions and he’s left out.”

And it seems Kim has even less time for her troubled brother after his Gone Girl Instagram post that mocked her.  “Kim doesn’t care,” the source said. “She’s dismissive of him. She’s been surrounded by handlers. She’s impenetrable. She doesn't even answer her own phone. Imagine if that was your sister or brother.” Ouch!

The Kardashians started off as a close-knit family when they first launched their reality show, but it seems fame and fortune (and possibly Kanye) has changed that dramatically. 

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