Kaow Soi Gai

05 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Sample Chiang Mai's curry noodles with chicken

100g sliced chicken
2 pieces fresh or dried egg noodles
1 tbsp red curry paste
¼ tsp hung lay curry powder (available from Thai stores)
1 tsp yellow curry powder
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup chicken stock
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp white sugar

2 coriander pieces
½ tbsp sliced spring onions
½ a lime
1 tbsp shallots
1 tsp green mustard
Chilli oil

Chilli oil dressing
3 tbsp oil
2 tbsp chilli powder

Serves: 2

1. Heat the wok with the vegetable oil, deep-fry the egg noodles and set them aside.
2. Blanch the egg noodle in boiling water and place in a soup bowl with coriander.
3. Heat a wok. Add the coconut milk, red curry paste and hung lay curry powder. Bring to a boil.
4. Add the fish sauce and sugar and mix it well.
5. Add the chicken and chicken stock and cook until the chicken is done.
6. Pour the curry chicken on top of the egg noodles.
7. Garnish with lime, shallots, pickled green mustard and chilli oil.

Chilli oil:
1 Heat the oil and mix in the chilli powder. Set it in a bowl and pour with a spoon over the dish.

INFO: This recipe was provided by Thailand’s Four Seasons hotels.