Kanye West Postpones Tour Dates after Kim Kardashian's Paris Ordeal

The artist has taken time off to support his wife through her trauma
ByAhlan! Live ReporterTuesday , 04 October 2016
Kanye West Postpones Tour Dates after Kim Kardashian's Paris Ordeal
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Kanye West reschedules tour dates to be with his wife Kim.

Recording artist Kanye West has rescheduled two dates of his Saint Pablo tour to support wife Kim Kardashian, after she was a victim of an armed robbery that happened yesterday.

Kim Kardashian was robbed of an estimated $10 million in jewellery, by a gang of five masked men who held her at gunpoint in her Paris apartment on Monday morning.  

The reality TV star has returned to America and was seen reuniting with husband Kanye at their Manhattan apartment.

Tour promoter Live Nation cited “family concerns” for the date change, and reassured fans they will be able to use their original tickets for the new dates.

Kanye was told about the terrifying attack during his performance at The Meadows Festival in New York, telling fans he had to cut his show short due to a “family emergency”.

“Kanye says that it has been one of the hardest days of his life, that he feels helpless,” revealed a source close to the family. “This is a guy who isn’t used to feeling helpless at all. He’s usually in control. And now he realises that he could have lost her, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.”

The insider added that Kim is traumatised following the robbery and “bursts into tears every few minutes”.

“Kanye is ready to fly over there and take care of it himself,” the source added. “He wants to find the men who did this to his wife. But he knows that the best place for him to be right now is with Kim. She needs him now. He won’t leave her… She needs to be with someone all the time, she doesn’t want to be alone.”

We’re glad Kanye’s there to support Kim through this!

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