Kamelia Zaal

The landscape designer broke new ground to win a medal at the Chelsea Flower Show
Monday , 21 March 2016
Kamelia Zaal
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Kamelia Zaal
• My show garden for The Royal Horticultural Society, Chelsea, ‘The Beauty of Islam’, was awarded a Silver Gilt Medal and it’s a project that’s especially dear to my heart as it was about my country, my culture and my religion. The thought of doing the Chelsea Flower Show is something of a pipe dream for any landscape designer, and the cosmos played a role and made it happen for me. I wasn’t really expecting a medal out of it, I was just in awe of the whole process.  
• Recently, I’ve been re-establishing my own landscape design practice, Second Nature, as I felt it was time to do something fresh from a design perspective. I’ve rebranded the company as Kamelia and want it to be a boutique design studio that concentrates on giving people what they want. I feel there needs to be more emphasis on individual designers, and there’s a lot of good creative talent out there, which should be recognised. 
• I like to test myself. Even if you have doubts, you just have to just go for it. I’m not scared to put myself on the line and try for my dreams. The best advice I’ve been given is: “What have you got to lose?” It’s something I live by.
• For me, my sister, Nadia bin Zaal, is a key influence – she is an incredible achiever, both as a mother and a businesswoman. I love her attitude – even when she is under so much pressure she just never stops and keeps going regardless, and in the middle of all that she’s always there for her family and friends.
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