EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson shows his chivalry to FKA Twigs in the Big Apple

K-Stew Warns RPatz Away From FKA Twigs

27 Nov 2014

Kristen Stewart thinks Rob is ruining his movie career

With his last movie cancelled, Robert Pattinson has been using his free time to follow his girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, around on her US tour dates, but his ex Kristen Stewart is reportedly concerned he’s jeopardising his career for love, and his friends are worried about him too. 

Did RPatz Get Engaged?
Since his last movie, Idol’s Eye, was canned just as he was about to start filming in Canada, Rob’s become a constant tour companion for Twigs, showing up to support her at all her gigs, including one in New York last week. Now his famous ex is said to be fearful that he could be neglecting his own career to play FKA’s leading man. The actor was notably missing from the line-up when Kristen launched the Twilight short film contest last week, and insiders say the actor is so besotted with the Brit songstress that he’s planning to propose. FKA, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett, was snapped last week wearing a gold band on her wedding finger, not dissimilar to the promise ring he gave Kristen in 2011. “Don’t be surprised if you see an engagement ring on Tahliah this holiday season or at least sometime in the very near future,” said a source. “She’s everything and more that Rob has ever dreamed of. They have crazy energy, plus they’re like best friends. He feels like she brings out the best in him, that she makes him a better person and a more daring, fearless artist.”

FKA Twigs onstage

Put the Brakes on, Pattinson!
Smitten RPatz has even shelled out $2 million (Dhs11.5m) for a Hollywood Hills love nest. The two-bedroom haçienda is more low-key than the $6 million mansion he shared with Kristen, and it’s thought the British couple plan to divide their time between LA and their native London. Rob’s closest pals have also tried to warn him about his new woman and told him to “slow down, because he is smothering her”. Speaking to RadarOnline.com, a close source revealed: “It’s very serious. Rob has a tendency to go overboard, almost to the point where it pushes girls away. Everyone knows he’s still broken up over Kristen and I’m sure that this girl is worried that [he’s on the] rebound.” 

Even Kristen’s said to be concerned for Rob

K-Stew and FKA Make Friends
Rob is surprisingly optimistic about his former girl and current woman having a friendly relationship and is said to want to introduce them to each other – however, it seems that FKA is less keen to play happy families and she appeared to publicly diss Kristen during a gig last week. According to onlookers, when a fan shouted “F*** Kristen Stewart!” from the crowd, the singer smirked and giggled. Ouch! For K-Stew, that’ll be as bad as a stake to the heart. 

K-Stew launched the latest Twilight project alone