Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

12 Aug 2014

Superstar freezes for a good cause

Taking over social media by storm over the past couple weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Association has made a couple of celebrities shiver for charity.

The rules of the popular fundraising challenge are fairly simple - pour a large bucket of iced water over your head and donate $10 to the cause, or chicken out and donate $100. Both choices are sure to do some good, either by collecting large amounts of money, or raising awareness for the neurodegenerative disease, as every ice bucket action has to be filmed and uploaded to social media, with the successful contestant nominating a few more to join in the cause.

On Monday, JT took the challenge and as we can see on his Youtube video, without any hesitation. The Mirrors singer not additionally added up on the $10 with a substantial donation. He then nominated his buddy Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to take on the challenge.

Video courtesy of Justin Timberlake via Youtube.com 

Other celebrities who have already taken the challenge include Ansel Elgort, Elizabeth Banks and Justin's  'N Sync band member Lance Bass.
Charitable, fun and by all means raising the bar on how to utilize your celeb social media following – great initiative indeed!